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About SJ-Engraving


Stone engraving has been an art since the dawn of human civilization. It requires the artist to use imagination, skill, art and nature to procure and create engraved artwork that stimulated the minds and hearts of those who looked upon the art work. At SJ Engraving, we approach your order with the same level of care and seriousness as those of past stone artists.

SJ Engraving is the culmination of my wife and I celebrating this ancient art by providing our customers with works of stone art that will be cherished forever. Our mutual love for pre-historic megalithic structures and petroglyphs always fascinated and inspired us, which is why we love to work with stones today – on a micro scale, of course.

What makes us different from other engravers are three things:

Innovation: all items on this site are our original creations. We always explore new ideas to bring you the highest quality selection of true unique gifts.

Craftsmanship: our minimalist designs and impeccable deep carvings set new standards of excellence in personalized gifts.

Devotion: artists should be devoted to their art on every level - from performance to the choosing of materials. At SJ Engraving, our devotion to you begins from the minute we begin to choose stones for your order. Sensing energy is key when doing this, and while it takes more time, it is of the utmost importance to find the right ‘ingredients’ for your art. It has resulted in many happy customers.

All of our work is done in-house, and each piece receives careful, individual attention. This old-fashioned approach ensures a level of refinement that can’t be found anywhere else. It is because of this quality that we made our mark on Etsy - a prominent handmade goods marketplace.

We look forward to creating your unique custom gift.

Joanne and Tony
San Jose, CA